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I love travel, I live for and of this!

I write about my travels, I share photos and videos of them.. 

Just click on the name of the Countries and have a look to the short videos..


it's a nice way to start dream your travel!! 

Then, if you'are planning to go in some of these places where I've already been and you need a help in the organization, just write me an email to reserve your travel advice! 


      (...just for now!!...)

Among my special "Travels Theraphy" , there is one month spent in Kenya where I lived an intense volunteer experience, and the one month solo trip to Argentina.

I fell in love with Thailand and the smiles of its people.

I cried in front of the indescribable wonder of Petra, in Jordan, where I spent one of the most beautiful nights of my life, sleeping in the Wadi Rum desert. I Floating on the waters of the Dead Sea is an experience that I will never forget!

I cannot even forget the emotion at the sight of the northern lights of the Lofoten Islands, or that of reaching the tops of the Himalayas ,in Nepal !!

The most beautiful infinity landscapes can be found in Icelandwhere Mother Nature is the only real queen of that land. Iceberg, waterfool, rainbows, endless lands crossed by rivers, lunar landscapes ,seals, whales.. A paradise, who inglobe 5 continents in one. Unbelievable; if you cannot see, it cannot be understood.

There was no shortage of fearful activities, like when I was in Indonesia, between Giawa, Bali and the Gili, and the earthquake loomed ... but the thrill of swimming with giant turtles, or spending a night in going down into the sulfur mine and see with my eyes reality that I thought (or I hoped !!) no longer exist, are experiences that touch the heart.

I can not fail to mention Morocco, with its intense smells, colors, spices, music, alived squares and the wonder of Chefchaouen "the blue city", which makes you live immersed in a fairytale, where everything is tinged with blue!

Europe is my home, I visited almost all the countries!! 

I love the islands, so I left a piece of my heart in Santorini, Rodi, Creta, the Eolie,Mauritius, Santo Domingo, the Canary Islands, Corsica, Sicily and in Sardinia.. but then I decide to live only in my favourite: AZORES!

The energy and the cosmopolitan climate of New York has bewitched me, as well as the retro' style-life of the Portugal!

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