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let me plan your perfect  travel!


I am a Travel Designer, a professional of the travel industry.


First I study, I travel, I experience and I live in first-person the destination. After it, I create and organize itineraries in all the countries of the world where I have been and I followed in love with them for some reasons. 


I do not sell "catalogue trips",  I'm not an agency or a T.O. and for this I do not propose travels in places I do not know or where I haven't been before.


I suggest and propose only itineraries, services and activities in the places where I feel at home, where I lived, studying in detail all that that destination can offer, in order to give life to a curious, adventurous, complete and memorable journey.


My familiarity with the destination allows me to offer a wide range of services and alternatives, and above all guarantees the utmost professionalism on the part of my partners on the spot.


All the activities and services I propose for your chosen destination, have already been previously tested and selected by me, in first person!


My advice is useful and fundamental for all people who want to go to a place for the first time and they don't want to live disadventures or negative experiences.


My contacts on the territory, carefully selected and with a partnership of trust, guarantee assistance and maximum reliability in every service: transfer, accommodation, car rental, local guides, excursions and restaurants.


I am here to help you create every detail of your trip, and to assist you  before, during and after the journey.



What you pay for is my advice and my work of hours of research and creation of the best solutions.


You do not pay extra fee , of course, for the accommodation facilities,  the activities or the services that you provide

(you can check yourself because I will give you all the references and links of the structures),  rather, sometimes on the activities I have special discounts that also allow you to save money! !

For me, travel is much more than a passion ...

I turned my passion into my full time work.. so I live of this!

I am a professional freelancer (like the accountant, the lawyer, the psychologist ...) so, like them,  I issue an invoice for my consultations!

I offer my advice to help you create your trip in every detail, based on your needs, interests, and based on my experience on field.

My advice begins with a cognitive call, in order to define a trip that reflects you, and the budget you have.

Then I take care of organizing all the details.

I recommend where to sleep, where to eat, what to visit, how to move in the places, what experiences you cannot miss...  I do not propose pre-established routes ..

First I know you, I understand your needs and passions, then I build for YOU the trip, based on your wishes and budget.

EVERYONE HAS PERSONAL PASSIONS AND INTERESTS , that's why is not a good option sell a "catalogue tour" that is the same for everybody. ​

Every travel and destination is never be lived in the same way; the accommodation facilities are not always the same, nor are the activities proposed, because they vary according to your travel mood and preferences.

I spend a lot of time looking for the best solutions for you, making phone calls, sending emails, acting as a link between you and the local representatives, with the advantage that I speak their language and therefore communications are simpler and more immediate.

In addition to Italian, I speak English, Portuguese, Spanish, French.

Some bookings can be made directly by me, others you have to do by yourself, I will send you the necessary links to book with your credit card.

I always guarantee technical support in case of need.

Mine job is an essential service for all people who do not have time to organize a trip or do not know where to start .. because it seems easy, but it is not at all, try it!

And above all, if you have never been in one place, nothing is more precious than the assistance, support and advice of those who live there, or at least "is at home" and has all the connections and knowledge to make the your trip!


Organizing a trip is a job comparable to high level craftsmanship: it requires knowledge and technical tools.
A Travel Designer offers experiences based on years and years of studies, reading and research, not only on the Internet.
The added value of a Travel Designer is based on his personal experience, and not on the Internet ...

The travel designer is a travel enthusiast, who spends hours and hours creating new itineraries and experiencing experiences around the world. This then allows him to propose the best places to stay and the coolest activities to live, simply for one reason: he has already been there and knows who to contact!

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