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About Me




I’am Ilaria: a travel designer, travel organizer, blogger and local tour guide, living in Portugal.

Originally from Italy, I lived in several foreign places like Spain, Ireland and Kenya and I traveled to over 55 countries before putting down roots, making Portugal my new home since 2018.

I work as a local guide in Porto, in the main cities of Portugal and the Azores Islands.

I am a passionate walker, traveler and travel organizer. I am always on the road, looking for new routes to experience. 

I create experiential and walking trips in Portugal and Azores Islands, for individuals and small groups, in collaboration with several Tour Operators.

First I text the trip personally, selecting services, accommodation, experiences and local activities; then I design the itinerary, combining the best solutions to propose to my travellers. 

About my past

My nomadic spirit often pushed me to change the city where I lived. I spent an unforgettable year in Ireland during my university time; I lived a few months in Spain (in Galicia) and in Kenya, while in Italy I worked from Sicily to Trentino!

From 2009 to 2017 I lived in Florence; then, a trip to the Azores Islands changed my life again: enchanted by wild nature and the ocean, I decided to leaving Florence and move in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean! I staid almost a year in Azores Islands.

I followed in love with Portugal, its ocean coast

and slow style-life so I have made of this new multi-colored country, my new home!

Currently I live on the Ocean Coast of Porto, and I use to fly to Azores, every time I feel “saudades” for the islands of my heart! 


I propose self-guided itineraries for solo travelers, as well as guided trips for small groups in Portugal and Azores Islands. 

I work as professional local guide in Porto,

the mail cities of Portugal and Azores Islands.

I propose some authentic and innovative experiential journeys in Porto and the North of Portugal; Center of Portugal; Rota Vicentina; Algarve and Azores Islands.

My travels are always part of sustainable tourism and active tourism, that means that they combine adventure, nature tourism, ecotourism and they also integrate some cultural local aspects of the destination.

Active Tourism is low-impact, ecological, socially compatible and high quality tourism.

I propose different travel solutions: from the

short city-break in Porto and in the Northen Ocean coast, to 7 days holiday in Portugal and Azores.

I personalize the trips with several fun activities and adventures, like cycling; whale watching; yoga and meditation classes; cooking classes; 

trekking; barbecues under the moon; artistic and craftman workshop experience; jeeps tours; boat tours; surf classes; massages and much more you need to feel the whole positive energy of Portugal. 

I'm a Travel Designer, so I help individuals who do not have enough time or experience, to organize all the travel details and to make reservations.  

You only need to write me an email or a whatsapp message telling me where do you desire to go and your budget... I'll take care about the rest :-) 


I never get tired while I'm travelling!

I take a thousand photos, I love feel the places, tasting all the typical dishes and spending time with local people, discovering interesting stories that only them could know, and you cannot find in any guide book.


I love nature, art (I am a Florentine tourist guide!) good food and strong wine!

I am expansive, cheerful, sunny, optimist, a bit crazy , stubborn and very distracted, which makes my travels always an adventure!

Well...I speaked to much for now, as usual…. So…. Are you ready to leave with me ?!

This website is a journey, which I hope will never end!!!

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