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Azores & Portugal nature and
adventure tours

I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list

"It is not true that the world is small, nor is it true that it is a" global village "as the mass media want us to believe.
The world is big and different. That's why it's beautiful: because it's big, different, and it's impossible to know it all! " A.Tabucchi


If you'are here on my website, it's because you're planning your next trip to Portugal or the Azores Islands... and I'm glad to help you make your travel unique and unforgettable!

I' am a Professional Tour Guide and a  Travel Designer specialised in Portugal and Azores Islands destination (I live here since 2018). 

I would be glad to share my experience and passion with you, creating the best customizer travel, just for YOU! 

I love to create tailor-made experiential trips, and help you plan the perfect holiday for YOU in Portugal and the Azores. 

My services are: tailor-made travel organization; guided tours; scheduled departures for small groups.


I'm focus on experiential and sustainable tourism; active tourism and outdoor activities are my specialities. 

Here you will find my next "author travels" departures; lots of tips on unmissable places to visit (especially the less known ones!); reviews on activities and the best original places where to stay: alojamentos local, glamping, eco-tourism, tree houses... Lots of ideas to unleash your imagination and live unique experiences.

Some of you will find interesting ideas and will be able to use my travel designer's services to organize, book and travel on your own. 

This is the best service for Solo Travelers who wants to travel safe and independently.

You could write me if you want a Private Guided Tour service in some Portugal cities.

Or, you can decide to travel together with me, checking the next planned departures, dates and destinations.


This is the best option to share the travel experience together with other "perfect strangers". A great way to meet new people, who could become new friends and companions for future adventure trips (I organize small groups of 4 to 8 people).

My MISSION is make you live THE JOURNEY of your life: the one that will regenerate you and give you the answers you were looking for ... The one in which you will live intensely every experience. The once will remain in your heart and when you will return home you 'll have only one desire: leave for a new journey! 

Because once you begin to travel... you can not stop it anymore! 


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